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Comic Subscription Service

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  • It’s FREE. You pay only for the merchandise as you pick it up.

  • You must subscribe to a minimum of five (5) ongoing monthly titles. You may add or delete regular titles at any time. Under certain circumstances, you may be required to pick up the next two issues of a deleted title, due to our advanced ordering (usually for independents).

  • Subscriber receives a 10% discount on ALL Comics (Back & New Issues), Trade Paperbacks and Graphic Novels (only DC & Marvel Hardcovers are eligible).

  • You are responsible for purchasing all items on your subscription, in addition to any items that are individually ordered. Customers under the age of 18 Must have a parent or legal guardian sign the application in person. The person who signs the application is ultimately responsible for all payments.

  • Customers under the age of 18 Must also have a parent or legal guardian sign in person if they wish to purchase any “Mature Readers” titles.

  • You must pick up your merchandise at least once a month, unless other arrangements have been made. No consecutive issues of a title should be in your file. Please make sure we are notified if you will be late, so the merchandise in your file will not be returned to stock.

  • Your file can be used to hold back a small amount of merchandise for purchase within the month. You must have your file cleared of all other merchandise before holding more back. Please note that this layaway is a committal to buy. We reserve the right to cancel this service if misused.

  • If you order an item that costs $49 or more, you must leave a 50% deposit. This deposit is refundable only if the item does not ship.

  • We will gladly try to keep you informed about upcoming comics and merchandise but we also recommend Previews, our distributor’s monthly catalog. It is informative and can be obtained for half price ­ Please ask for Details.

  • We always want to be sure you are pleased with our service. Let us know if we accidentally missed something from your subscription, or if you have any other questions.